Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Stuff ...

  • Spring has found a hiding place today - it's been cold and the clouds look dark and heavy.  Maybe we're in for some spring showers?  I do hope so!
  • Fetched my nieces from Victoria Lake in Germiston today - they do rowing there.  Was pretty proud that I found my way without the TomTom!
  • Looking forward to book club tomorrow night - Hippy Theme!  Better go and find some flower power!
  • Watching the dogs rough and tumble on the loung floor, hubby relaxing on the couch and the telly is showing cricket - 35 runs for SA to win - not impossible I guess!
  • Enjoyed listening to an interview with Natalie Du Toit earlier - sad for her that she only has 3 races left before she retires.  What a lovely lady she is!
  • Can't believe it's been a month since I received my last Ruby Box - got my September one today!  Sun block and skin care are the order of this month! Looking forward to trying my new products.
  • Had a stressful week and am looking forward to Friday afternoon - wishing we were going to Cape Town with the 41ers this week-end - maybe next time!
  • Bought my lotto ticket today - still have my eye on "my"farm in Summerveld!

Happy Wednesday - we're half way to the weekend - and I'm counting down the hours!


Marcelle said...

Yah for spring....we seeing the changes this side...autumn and no longer light at 9pm :(
Natalie sure is proud of her.
Remember we need 20 mins in the sun without sunblock daily for Vit cream on arms, neck and face, and no sunglasses. So many people don't get vit d cause they are not aware of this.
I will be ready for SA, emotionally not ready is what I should have said in my blog :(

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Janet,
Thank you for your continued loyalty in following me.
It was hot here today and the mosquitoes have been bad, too, with all the rain and humidity.
Cooler weather is in the forecast for the weekend. Hope yours is great.
Mama Bear

cat said...

And gosh, today is even more dark and gloomy - enjoy bookklub. I am hosting on Tuesday

HOOTIN ANNI said... was the lotto ticket a winner? I guess if you don't show up to visit with me on my blog soon, I'll know you bought the farm. {Expression in America, buying the farm, isn't good ...but you know what I mean, buying a farm to LIVE.}

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend:) It is rainy and dull here, yet, still really humid. Really not very nice this weekend.

Firefly said...

I am so glad spring is here. Finally this wet and cold winter is over.