Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Reunions!

The older I get the more I realise how important my extended family are. Our immediate family are close and we see as much of each other as we can, even though we're scattered all over the world. Sometimes, however, we lose touch with cousins and their children and all too soon, age has caught up, time moves along, and before you know it, we haven't seen or spoken, sometimes in decades. I'm finding it a passion, to write down stories of the old days as told by my parents, and grandparents, so that our younger generation get to know how things were in the old days, and what life was like before the techno age! I find young people today miss out a lot, as communication for them, is way different to how it is was for us! My cousin Kevin and his wife Angie celebrated their 50th birthdays this year, and on their annual trip to South Africa (they live in New York) arranged a wonderful celebration - of life, and love. They managed to gather together some relations that my Dad hasn't seen since he was a young lad. It's amazing how many family traits I was able to pick up and how I recognised different ones before being introduced. I knew who was related - by the shape of their head, colour of their hair ... "my, George looks just like Granny!", or "He has to be related, he's the living image of Shaun!" We had a wonderful time. To see children and grandchildren, laughing and having fun together. Older people chatting and catching up on family news, whose where and what happened in their lives. Now I am more motivated than ever to make sure that we all keep in touch!
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Avril said...

It's funny that .. we don't seem to 'grow up' and change (except get grey and wrinkly) but family members do - before you know it the littlies have become adults and more littlies are on their way - all with a connecting trait like shape of head, eyes etc As for writing down memoirs -my Dad did it and I typed out my Mum's for her. I need to keep up with it now and add the changes. Children may not be interested now but they will when they get older :)

p.s. enjoy your Parys weekend, sounds like loads of fun!

Thks Janet for all your comments on my blog - I do appreciate them :) I wondered whether to keep doing it in detail, but I seem to be getting positive feedback - so I shall carry on.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I love when my mom tells stories of her childhood. I keep telling her to write them down, so we can retell them, for years down the road.


Yep, family IS the MOST important part of life if you want my opinion....and watching all of us change as the years go by, by looking in the past with photos from long ago, and seeing the physical changes in us all is a good thing. Brings a feeling of completeness. -if there is such a word.

Sharing the past, sharing the present and thinking of the future...that's what life is.

By the way........LOVE your new profile image!!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

It always happens that when the patriarch or matriarch of a family is gone on, those left behind don't seem to find the same desire to see one another. My sister and I have grown closer. I see my Dad's sister several times a year. And Mother's siblings, cousins and their offspring try to get together at least 3 or 4 times a year. The ones who don't show up are the ones I miss. But I don't know what the answer is. Someone has to make the effort to organize and then the rest have to want to see the relatives.
I'm happy for you that you had this special time.
And thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you found something in my post. Often a verse comes to me and I don't know why but this time perhaps it was meant for you.
Mama Bear