Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RIP our Friend ...

Tomorrow we say farewell to our dearest friend - a man who fought so bravely and with so much courage. A YOUNG man, who taught us to much about strength - how never to give up, but to fight without stopping. Our friend, so full of love and laughter!

Gordon - your love of cooking and all the wonderful meals you served - we remember with love! Fabulous Sunday afternoons with lots of beer and wine and 30 Seconds - we will continue in your memory! Your laughter and your love of life - we will miss, but will keep them alive in our stories and reminiscing! Backgammon, rock concerts, good cigars! Your beautiful, bright smile!  The love you had for your beloved Lesley and Britaney, the love you had for your friends! How much you hated having to wait until Christmas to open our gifts and ours yours!  We had to open them when we got them - you couldn't wait! :)

So many memories,so many good times, so much love.

We love you Gordy and miss you so much - keep the Angels on their toes sweet friend and give Nana a hug from us - until we meet again, rest well xxx

Philip, Gordon and Rob



...being left behind makes us reminisce of the laughter and love from friends who leave our lives too early. My heart felt condolences.

I loved your Olympic post below this too.

cat said...

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

That is very sad Jan, sorry xxx

(ps - miss you)

Love Bears All Things said...

Bless you today as you remember your friend......thanks for stopping by and the heartfelt things you said about my ramblings.
Mama Bear

Rebecca Louise. said...

How awful! It's so hard to say goodbye but this is a fitting tribute!