Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh my!  I haven't been very good at this, have I?  It's the end of January and here I am, wishing you  a Happy New year!

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, as has our holiday!  We had a lovely time with Rob and the girls.  A well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  A cottage right on the beach, with the only sound being the crashing of the waves, and lots of laughter!

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, as I find they're so hard to keep, especially if one's spoken about them - there's so much pressure from all and sundry! So I prefer to keep a little list of things I HOPE to do, in the back of mind, ticking them off carefully, and hoping I achieve a lot! :)

My first task for the New Year has been done - and with it has come a lot of peace and closure!  I've never been one to visit a grave site regularly.  While I have not judged those who have, I just haven't found the need.  That changed however, after Mum passed away.  Although I know she's with me all the time, and  that I don't NEED to go to her grave to be close to her, I find comfort in going and taking some of her favourite flowers!  I cared about her when she was with us, I enjoy caring for her resting place now.

I want to share her resting place as this is part of who I am now!  And one day, when I have my blog printed and bound, and my daughters share it with my grandchildren, I want them to see the whole of me!  and without this part I am not complete.

Mum was cremated and her ashes buried along with her parents, my Grandad and "Gayva".  We have had the gravestone updated and it was completed this week!  P came and helped me plant two little white roses this afternoon!  It was pouring with rain, and while we planted and cleaned up, we experienced a real Highveld Thunderstorm!  The thunder belted out, and lightening crashed all around - the ancient oak trees shook and little drops of water fell, settling the dust.  And yet amidst the noise and the rustling of the leaves, there was a sweet calmness, and when we were done - I felt some closure!

Mum's grave is at Westpark Cemetary in Northcliff.  Her father, Cyril was buried there in 1956.
When her mother, our Gayva died, she was cremated and buried there too.
We have put a bench at the foot of the grave, and on there we will put Memorial plaques for Mum's two brothers, both of whom died when they were young.  Peter at aged 21 and Robin aged 11 weeks.

There you see the two white roses we planted in the foot of the grave.

In loving memory of our sweet Mom and Nanna!'
"Many women do noble things but you surpass them all"
Proverbs 31:29


Avril said...

Oh Janet, that's beautiful
(((hugs)) glad you are at peace now

Corey~living and loving said...

good to see you on here! Always enjoy your posts.

Your mom's resting place is so lovely. ♥

Firefly said...

I don't get to visit family graves that often, but when I do I like to just get quiet and contemplate. My dad never wanted a grave so he was cremated and the ashes dissposed off like he wanted. But I often wish he had a grave where I can just go and sit and chat with him.

cat said...

Hija, and happy 2012 to you too. Love the roses and great to have a memorial

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

What a lovely, peaceful spot.