Sunday, September 11, 2011


I dedicate my post today to all of those who lost their lives
in the attack on the World Trade Centre,
to the families whose hearts were broken,
to the American people who try so hard to be an example of freedom,
and to the World which will never be the same again!


Lea White said...

Beautiful post! How devastating it was on that day!

Marcelle said...

Let US never forget that day.

Hayley said...

Feels like yesterday...still so very very sad.

Firefly said...

Its hard to believe its been ten years. I remember switching the tv on and wondering what scifi movie was on.

cat said...

10 years ago my BFF just had her twins. Amazing happy and sad times all mixed together.

PAM @ CMCM said...

The coverage was beautiful yesterday. I thought the memorial was excellent.