Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Club in Winter!

Nothing better than Book Club on a Thursday night ... on the first REALLY cold Thursday of June ... with hot Gluwein ... and steaming bowls of butternut soup ... 

... and PYJAMA'S! Banana's Girls in pyjamas, with their books!

 Oh! And Fascinators! Move over Beatrice, here comes Phyllis - pretty smart!

And then it's down to business - serious business - choosing books!

... and having wine!

But then ... who needs books when you have such a wonderful story teller!

Rita had us in stitches with stories about the children she teaches! Funny little people!

The BBC - Best Book Club!
Can't wait for next month!


Hayley said...

oh thats awesome!!!! such fun!

Firefly said...

You had me with the butternut soup... my favorite.

Talking of books. I'm currently addicted to Dean Meyer's books. I'm reading the Afrikaans ones, but they have all been translated into English as well. Really worth reading if you are into a bit of action, drama and suspense.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Nothing better than a great, fun time. And by the photo share you've posted, this was tops!!

Now, gimme a bowl of hot steaming soup [any kind] and you'll have me clinging to you...I LOVE soups!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

seeing soup like that makes me want winter!

Jeanette Verster said...

LOL love that you were in your jarmies!

cat said...

Got to love Bookclub - a highlight every month. So do you do a "stokvel" type or what is your format?