Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 Months ago …

… I held her hand in mine for the last time.

6 Months ago today I said goodbye to my precious Mother - my friend and my confidante.

6 Months ago to-day my life changed forever. I don't know where the months have gone, they've flown. And yes, it does get easier – no less painful, but easier to cope with. I've become stronger. Although I miss her with all my heart, I know she is in a happier place.

I remember her smiles, I remember her voice, I remember her prayers! I remember the love she had for her family and how she always wanted us to be together! She was my truest friend, who loved unconditionally – who cried when I cried, who laughed with me when I laughed!
"Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart."
Author Unknown
Mom's Birthday Rose!


Firefly said...

I can't believe its been 6 months already.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Being left behind is so difficult. My mother has been gone for over 20 years now, and her memory lingers. Your loss will always be with you, does get easier but the good times will never leave you. She'll always be with you in heart.

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Thanks for visiting with me this week....much appreciated!!!

Marcelle said...

So sad when one loses their mother....I am dreading that time for myself.
I can just imagine how much you miss her, not being able to pick up the phone and just hear her voice :(

Rebecca Louise. said...

So precious! :)

Avril said...

Oh Janet .. that's a lovely tribute to your beloved Mum - big hugs to you x x x

PAM said...

I know that time does heal, but a heart never forgets. Keep those memories close.