Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!

In a Little While, Get on your Boots!  We're going to Walk on By with an Unknown Caller to the City of Blinding Light.  On Sunday Bludy Sunday we'll be Stuck in a Moment enjoying their Mysterious Ways.  Magnificent!

In a couple of hours we're off to Soccer City to watch U2 360 World Tour!
It's a Beautiful Day!


Love Bears All Things said...

My son in law's favorite group....I like your new look. Hope you had a good time.
Mama Bear

PAM said...

Enjoy your day out. Hope you have a great time.

BTW - I think I found your blog secret.

Rebecca Louise. said...

My friend went and saw this last year and said the set was sublime! Have an awesome time!

Avril said...

Elaine said it was awesome!! But food ran out so they were rather hungry!!! Hope you enjoyed it!
Sorry to hear of Alex's accident - hope she is doing well and recovering speedily

Firefly said...

So I take it you didn't throw your tickets in the Jukskei River. LOL!!

Hayley said...

Was it not the most amazing concert!