Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rain Falls - again!

Rain falls to wash the earth
Rain falls so sad one's know they aren't alone
Rain falls to make us new

Rain falls to let us have fun frolicking

Rain falls so that we know we can have a fresh, clean, new start too

Rain falls so that we believe everyday can't be perfect

Rain falls 

Rain falls

Rain falls 

Taken from our dining room window this morning!
It rains yet again!


PAM said...

So pretty! When I look out my window I see white.

Firefly said...

The rain is falling all over the country, but just not down here. We need it to fall in our catchment areas in the Baviaanskloof, Langkloof and southern Karoo.

Janet said...

Don't worry Firefly! I will probably bring it with me to the wedding on Friday! LOL!