Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will the rains bring some respite?

Keelan, Erin, Stacey and Sinead with Nana!

Thick, dark clouds, flashes of light streaking across the early morning sky - big, fat drops of thick, glossy water!  Smell of dust and damp. Smells familar and missed!  Wind screen wipers whipping across a dusty windscreen and a slight chill in the air!  They came this morning ... our first REAL rain for the season.  We've had some thunder and lightening, a couple of whispy drops, but nothing like this morning.  Please God let this mean that with the new season we'll have some respite.  That things will start looking up.  That our lives can get "sort of" back to normal!

Mom hasn't been great.  We see Prof again tomorrow. He said it would be a long road.  One step forward and two back!  We have to get there.  Surely all this wasn't in vain?

We'll just keep fighting!


Marcelle said...

Thinking of you during this time...hang in there...sending cyber hug your way.

Judith said...

I echo Marcelle words - hang in there - and sending alot of love, thoughts and prayers. Also what a lovely photo to treasure. Judithxxx

Firefly said...

We had some stunning rain here in PE yesterday. Its much needed and more is required, but it helped.

Rebecca Louise. said...

PRECIOUS PICTURE! Yes, keep fighting, I am fighting with you :)

Hayley said...

Love the picture! And i am with you on the rain, i am so glad its here.

Always thinking of you xxx

JuneF said...

The rain is surely welcome and we both send lots of love. June & Don.