Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Look!

OK! I took the plunge!  Been looking for a new hairdresser because I was SO bored wth my hair and feeling very old and bedraggled!  Heard about a guy called Marc, who owns a salon, Hair on the Square, at Cedar Square!  He is supposed to be a fundi on fine, thin hair like mine!  So ... I called and made an appointment and arrived in all my glory!!

Marc:  What are we going to do today?

Me:  No idea!

Marc:  How old are you?

Me:  48 going on 49!

Marc:  NEVER! (I liked him immediately!!) You have a very young aura about you!

YIPPEE!! I gave him free range, carte banche!  He looked at the insides of my wrists and decided that the blonde was no good!  So, out with the old, in with the new!  I took off my specs (which meant I could see nothing!) and left it all up to him!

PS I still go "AAARG!" when I see myself in the mirror - but I'm getting used to being aurburn!
Now I just have to do something about being photogenic! LOL!


Rebecca Louise. said...

I love it! So you!

Hayley said...

Oooh, I love it! Nothing better than a make over!

Marcelle said...

I would never have recognized you - my word you look so different - no wonder you still getting a fright when u look in the mirror
I think you looks great, its a good change and you dont look like someone who's nearly 49...
I turn 48 next month...ahhhhhhhh closer and closer to 50!!

Avril said...

Oooh nice ! I love it!!

Firefly said...

I like, I really like.

Jeanette said...

Oooh I'm coming upstairs to see you tomorrow!! And I'm bringing my camera ;)

Love Bears All Things said...

I love it! My, but you were brave!
I have always loved red hair. When I was young and my hair was almost Black, my natural color, going red would have meant terrible roots when it grew. Now, that I am older and have so much grey, I could have gone red but being allergic to color products and having to just do low or high lights, I can't do it.
I had mine cut last Friday and it is way too short but it will grow. The good news is it is wash and go.
Mama Bear

Corey~living and loving said...

FUN...change is hard...but I think you'll get used to it. :)

pam said...

You are as cute as a button!