Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hearty Sunday!

It's a cold, over-cast day in Jozi today! The garden looks grey and dreary.  Stacey is working this afternoon and P is on his way home from Polokwane. I am sitting listening to 702 - Sundays are golden oldies days and the music is fabulous!  Back to work tomorrow (urgh) and I am thinking that a hearty hot pot would be good to welcome my family home this evening!

What do I have (I do NOT feel like moving out of my house):

A quarter bottle of red wine
Some good quality stewing beef
onion, garlic
redcurrant jelly

Heat a little oil in a saucepan. Brown the beef (having tossed in seasoned flour). Remove beef and add a splash of water to loosen the yummy bits! Melt a little butter in the same pan and add the onions and garlic. Fry gently, but do not brown. Add some hot English musard, the redcurrant jelly, tomatoes, red wine and a bay leaf. Cover and simmer for a good 3 hours.  Remove the lid and add the mushrooms - simmer for about 45 mintes uncovered.  Serve with brown rice and some steamed green vegies!

Right, off I shall go and get cooking!
Catch  you later!


Jeanette said...

Oooh yum, that sounds good

Marcelle said...

Sure is miserable looking there, besides our surrounding being a lot greener, our sky looks the same.

Do you have to move??

pam said...

Sounds like the perfect dreary day meal. Our spring has been beautiful for the last couple of weeks, we have had to have the a/c on it has gotten so hot. Love it!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Sounds delicious. The weather looks horrible but it is the type of weather that makes me feel cosy :)

Firefly said...

I was in JHB this weekend for the Outdoor Adventure Show at Kyalami. Sunday was a bit on the chilly side. I agree. I wish I could stay inside like you did.