Saturday, March 20, 2010


Have you ever walked into a place and just felt your worries and strife melt away?  Have you ever walked into a place not knowing what to expect, but walk out knowing that you will be back?

Reflexions at The Buzz is a place just like that.  I have no words for the beauty and tranquilness that I felt as I walked into the little Thai massage room, built almost on small stilts, with soft lighting under the floor, which was covered with small, white pebbles.   A silken matress was on the floor in true Thai style.  I was given a loose fitting garment to wear and was surprised when a MAN came in to do the traditional Thai Yoga Massage!

Half way through the massage I  knew why women do not do this!  At one point my whole body was balanced on his legs with my arms and legs hanging down towards the floor!  It felt as though everthing bad was flowing out! This massage is part of Thailand's healing system and has been for more than 2000 years! It is a total body therapy which includes a number of Yoga-like stretches (I didn't know my legs were double jointed!!) with gentle traction and pressure point massage that follows the bodies "sen" channels!  Once the massage is over, they bring you a hot cup of green tea, while you relax and gather your senses together!  I walked out of there feeling as though I was floating on a cloud - renewed and ready to face whatever this new week has to give me!

Thank you to the Parkers for such a beautiful birthday present - it was an experience to die for, and I WILL be back!


Avril said...

Aaaahh !! H e a v e n !!!!
*Sigh* !

Rebecca Louise. said...

Sounds lush!!! xxx

Jeanette said...

What a stunning sounding place!

Hayley said...

aaaahhh, thats sounds amazing. Lucky lady!

pam said...

This does sound wonderful:)