Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are we ready?

I was listening to a discussion on the radio this morning about an article published in "The Sun" newspaper in England, and how they critisized South Africa, and in particular one of the new hotels built near the Rustenberg stadium. They wrote about how unprepared we are for the World Cup and what a disaster its going to be!  I did not read the article, but its amazing how my claws come out and how protective I become of my country when I hear stories like this.  Apparently, the photographs they published were taken a year ago, in the midst of building,  and despite describing the place at a dump, it's actually quite beautiful and worthy of its 5 star status.  The same newspaper ran a story about the Hillsborough disaster and accused Liverpool supporters of stealing off the dead amongst other things.  Someone called in and said that Liverpool supporters still don't buy the paper and that they even hoisted a hot air balloon at one of the soccer games asking people not to buy it!

It made we wonder!  I do believe in freedom of speech, and I do believe the public need to hear the good and the bad, but surely there should be rules around exageration and lies?

On a lighter note, I think we are ready!  The stadiums are magnificent, our people are enthusiastic and friendly!  Our sun shines a lot (most days!) ...

... bright eyes, bright smiles ... not much more you could hope for!
Brittaney having just done a HUGE dive on a hot day!


Hayley said...

I am so with you on this..makes me so angry.

The thing is, it was not just The was all over Sky News! And when you actually listen to the actual interview, the guy from Fifa said we are not ready now (today), but we will be ready. But they report it so badly. I was so angry yesterday!

But you are right, we are ready and SO SO SO excited. Its nearly here....yay!!!!!

Firefly said...

We are very alike in this. I get very defensive and go over into attack when I hear people talk like that. It seems that the British media is going out there way to try and sabotage the World Cup and I promise you that nothing will be said after it has gone off perfectly.

Anonymous said...

The Sun newspaper, if you have an sense, is the last newspaper any person with a noddle of sense would buy.. in fact to tell you the truth I don't buy any of the newspapers in the UK because I don't trust any of their reporting - Unfortunatley people feed off negativity.

Riley Kai said...

It's amazing to me that people will believe anything they read. It's a huge problem here in the U.S. Our country is completely run by the media which is very biased.

The Morris Family said...

hey, can you PLEASE send some of that warm weather over here!!!! I am freezing my "tooters" off!!

thanks for always checking in on us!!!


pam said...

That is exactly how I felt after Russia blasted Canada. I was so happy when our hockey team beat them:) Funny, patriotic pride is what I wrote about today.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I saw that article and what a load of rubbish! Everyone here in the UK si excited about the World Cup. The UK are getting stick at the moment about London not be ready for the London Olympics....well we are ahead of schedule lol. Ignore the people trying to sell they crap papers over here!


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