Friday, January 8, 2010

Farewell for now!

We bade Dag farewell today as he started the second stage of his trip through South Africa. I have to say that I was sad to see him go, and a little worried! I felt a bit like his "Mum"! Please be careful, watch your "stuff", don't take chances! As I sit here I pray that he has arrived at his destination safely and I look forward to his call to say "I'm at Witsieshoek!"

He'd have had an interesting trip today. He caught a bus to Harrismith at 6.30 this morning. He was then being picked up by someone from the hotel in the Drakensberg, and driven through Putatichjaba (a rural town, that is one MASS of humanity!) to the Witsieshoek Mountain Resort. He will spend the night at Witsieshoek and then climb the chain ladder to the top of the Ampitheartre. It's a challenging walk and we are hoping he will meet up with some tourists and not do the walk on his own. He will leave on Sunday and head for Durban where he will spend some time, before taking the Garden Route to Cape Town which will be the final leg of his 3 month stay in South Africa. We are hoping that he will come back to Jo'burg sometime before March - time will tell!

We have had a fascinating time and have enjoyed listening to all his adventures! From catching piranha fish in the Amazon Jungle and "biting it before it bites you!" (advice from a local tribesman!) to his tales of interesting food, hikes and horse-riding, being searched at Dubai airport and his thoughts on a "hot Christmas" in Australia - it's been fun.
He is an interesting young man, with a wicked sense humour. He is a credit to his family! We are going to miss him and look forward to his next visit!


Marcelle said...

he sure sounds interesting to me..and I can imagine you are going to miss him, we get attached so quickly. I hope he has a wonderful time while travelling around our beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

yes I hope he arrives safely and puts your mind at rest!!

Avril said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip around the country - hope he travels well and safely

Rebecca Louise. said...

Hope he got there okay! A trip across SA sounds amazing!

pam said...

What an adventure! Great opportunity for him.