Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We had our first “Cook-Out” for the year on Saturday night. Choosing a theme is not easy! We have been through most Mediterranean countries, we’ve done Africa and it starts becoming difficult to find a theme that is different! Sean and Collette were hosting this one, and came up with a good idea – we could make any dish whose main ingredient was MINCE! It could be pork, beef, chicken, lamb – anything at all, as long as it was made with mince!

I did a bit of research and then decided that simple was better and called on my old friend Jamie Oliver! I narrowed it down to two dishes – a Beef Mince Wellington or good old fashioned Mince and Onion pie. I was worried about the Mince Wellington being too dry, so made the pie! It was as easy as pie to make and quite tasty, however, it wasn’t good enough to win the contest! Thys and Shelley made a Cottage Pie which was delightful and they just proved it, simple is sometimes better! It was a tasty, wholesome dish and everybody loved it!

That doesn’t mean we didn’t have some “awesome, other” meals! We had stuffed aubergines, black mushrooms filled with pork mince, we had cabbage parcels and a lovely dish with mince and vegetables – the presentation of which was beautiful!

Collette went to so much trouble – the table was beautifully set and the snacks delightful! Not to mention the Malva Pudding dessert, which was, quite honestly, the best I have ever tasted! Nice one Collette

We were spoilt with beautiful new oven gloves, which Cheryl organized for us! SO! Cook-out started on a high! Next one, 20th March at Geordie’s house! Looking forward to that one!

(Back) Lesley, Cheryl, Me
(Front) Shelley and Collette

(Back) Thys, Philip, Geordie and Ezio
(Front) Sean and Gordon


Avril said...

Your 'cook-outs' look like so much fun!! But my goodness ... do you all consume all that food !! Although there are lots of good strong men there who would tackle it without a problem, I suppose! :) What happens if you get duplicated dishes? or do you have to tell each other what each of you are making?

Janet said...

We keep it a secret and we HAVE had duplications! In which case we just vote for the one we like the most! The idea is to make a dish catering for 4 people. That way, there is enough to go around, if we all have small helpings!

Judith said...

what fun Janet but I have one problem!! I loathe cooking; however, I would be good at sampling everyone elses food :) the table decor is wonderful.

Marcelle said...

Looks really great...food and the table setting...not forgetting a beautiful bunch of women and handsome South African men...

Jeanette said...

Ooh yum! I love the cook-outs you guys have

Corey~living and loving said...

oooo it always seems like such a good time you all have. :)

Firefly said...

I really need to get some friends interested in playing this "game" too.
My mond water nou.