Monday, January 18, 2010


One of my New Year plans (NOT resolutions!) was clean out some of the junk we have accumulated over the past 12 years!  Well, I started on Saturday - wth our books!

I love books.  I always have and I find it very difficult to get rid of them, however we have some wonderful ones and some - well, they're just not worth hanging on to!  I had to be ruthless!

Children's Books - I kept the classics, some of them really old editions which, if we're blessed with grandchildren one day, they will be able to enjoy!  The rest are in a box for Cotlands!
Novels - I kept the ones worth reading again, and those that haven't been read.  The unread ones I have collected from book club and I am looking forward to climbing into those!  The others - off to the 2nd hand book shop!
Coffee Table books - well, I put them on the coffee table!!
History books - carefully sorted and put back on the book shelf.

And then ... I found some treasures, like this one!

This little treasure was given by my great-grandfather, to my great-grandmother for her birthday in August 1913!  It's 97 years old and still in fairly good condition.  It's a "dictionary" of flowers and what word they represent!

It really made me think!  Such a simple gift, but one that was obviously so special and one that has lasted for so many years and still gives me pleasure!

It now has a special place on our book shelf!  Next to a fresh bunch of Lavender!  I couldn't wait to see what word lavender represented ... I was disappointed!  Distrust! :(


Firefly said...

Amazing. I have a lot of little trinkets and aniques from my granparents. I have also decided to try draw up a family tree so started going through some old albums of my grandmother and have found some very interesting pics in there.

Avril said...

That's special! All beautifully handwritten.
When you ARE blessed with grandchildren you can bring out the old treasured children's books and then you'll have to put these away!!! Little fingers find there way everywhere !!

Love Bears All Things said...

I used to hang on to books but then I moved about 7 or 8 times. I've lost count. Now, Daughter and I swap books and when we've both read them, we donate them. I keep a few though. The Outlander series by Diana Garibaldon, the Elmwood Creek Quilt series, the Mitford books and a few others which I'm sure to read again.
I love the little book that you inherited. Such a treasure.
Mama Bear

Corey~living and loving said...

good job on the cleaning out of your books. I did that a few years hard, but has to be done at some point.

love the flower book. what a special find.