Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family Time!

One of my special moments this week-end in Bloem, was going to see cousin Kim and Aunty Elaine!  Uncle Ian passed away in June and she has just moved into a retirement village.  It has been quite an adjustment moving from a big house into a little one, but what a lovely little home she has!

It is such a pretty little place and most importantly, it's in a secure complex and once she settles, there are loads of people for her to befriend!  They have card playing clubs, they take them shopping once a week - she has her independance and I think she is very happy there!  One of the bonus' is that she is allowed to keep Candy!

Candy is her collie and what a delightful dog she is!  And so protective!  She sleeps right next to Aunty Elaine's bed and gets up at night to make sure she is still breathing!  I think she is gorgeous!  She's not very good at posing for photos though - much rather give her Mum a big, wet kiss!

Thanks for having me Aunty Elaine and Kim!  I look forward to my next visit!


KIM said...

moms place does look nice hey, and Candy is well... just Candy, always trying to sit on your lap. Whew, you can see I went to wynskool the day before! Was lovely having you here, and am just sorry we will miss you in Durbs at the end of the month.

Marcelle said...

I'm so happy your aunt was able to keep Candy...that was so important...first losing her husband then her home....imagine if then her dog!!!
Family time is so important I i miss mine, and now once again over the festive season.

I see you also had to change your comments to add the word verification, I started getting weird spam sort of emails so changed mine as well...have you been having that trouble?

Anonymous said...

thanks Janet for such a inspiring post today, take care, Judith

Firefly said...

Sounds like a decent home/complex. Specially the fact that they allow residents to keep pets. Pets are often the best company for old people. I hope you get to visit again soon.

WackyMummy said...

Candy looks happy... and so does your aunt. That's sweet that they let her keep the pup.... most places don't.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind comments. They make my day! =)

pam said...

what a nice visit. Great looking place for your aunt to retire to.