Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Saturday morning dawned and I was worried about the dark clouds that hung over Northwold!  However, I set the tables and by the time we got to Roland's funeral, the clouds had lifted a little and it was PIPING hot!  I should have known!  We got home around 12'ish - I went outside, stood on the lawn and prayed for the clouds to go away!  Nature was having none of that - we need the rain and the roar of thunder came closer, and closer!  "Just a passing cloud!" said P - we've heard that before!  By the time our guests arrived at 2, the heavens had opened!  My poor little ethnic lady and Tanzanian wrap were drenched!

That did not put a damper on our day though!  The menu was vast and ever so tasty!  Although most of us cooked chicken (a favourite in Africa) - the tastes were varied and very different!  How's this for a feast?

Tanzanian Mushroom Appetizers
Sour bread with olive oil, dakuh and lentils to dip

Moroccan Orange Salad
Zimbabwe Watercress and Rocket Salad
Mielie Pap / Sadsa (Stiff porridge made with corn)

Moroccan Chicken stuffed with Couscous
South African Beef Potjie
Tanzanian Chicken and Banana Stew
Zimbabwean Chicken with Peanut Butter

Malva Pudding with Ice-cream

An African Function wouldn't be complete without animals, and we had a few of those visiting too!  Even P's Blesbok (below) kept a careful eye on all proceedings!

The rain fell, the wine flowed, the food was eaten and we all had a good time!  Cook-out wouldn't be the same without the competition part and it was unanimously decided that Colette and Sean's Tanzanian Chicken with Banana was the worthy winner.  They went home with a beautiful African mask to hang on their wall!  Well done guys!

The children had a whole lot of fun and were thrilled when P "dressed" them up in his "funny" hats!

The rains certainly fell in Africa on Saturday - and we got the best of both!  Time spent with wonderful friends AND the ground soaked up the much needed moisture!  Our next Cook-out will be the Christmas one - where has time gone?


Annie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. How about posting some of those recipes?

Firefly said...

Ooooo, that sounds good *wiping mouth with back of hand* Those dishes sounds out of this world... or probably more out of Africa.

Avril said...

Oh yummy!!!! What a feast!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Janet - fun had by all!! the photos are enchanting.

Clarity said...

That sounds wonderful and reminds me of our visits to Joburg.

Please post the winning recipes or a link to a site would be great.

I think your sculptures and animals added an extra to the evening?

The Morris Family said...

That would be a great idea to post some of those recipes. I am interested in the ingredients to see what its like to know of food in another country!!!

Thanks, Janet for checking in on us, it encourages!!!!!