Monday, October 26, 2009

A bit of this and that!

Week-ends always seem to come and go so quickly!  Maybe because we've always got so much to do - wait until you see my November calendar!  Talk about jet-setting!  I will be in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth (all business trips) and the Eastern Transvaal (holiday) in 3 weeks!

Friday was my cousin Shaun's birthday and we were joining the family and some friends for dinner in Bedfordview.  Just as we were about to leave, the heavens opened. We decided not to go on the highway as it was very busy, so we went through town - that's right.  P took us through Jo'burg city centre.  It was scary to say the least!  It poured with rain AND we got lost, as Commissioner Street has become a one way since the last time P was in town!

... ... and there was STILL a fair amount of traffic!  We were a little late for dinner, but we had a stunning evening - we always do!  It's wonderful catching up with the family and getting to meet new friends!

The birthday boy, Shaun and me!

Stacey flew into Durban this morning and will be spending a week with my folks. She has a two week break before starting her exams, so will spend some time down there, studying and a little relaxing before coming back to face her papers!

Alexandra starts her final matric exams on Wednesday.  I am sure she is going to do very well!  It's going to be really strange having TWO children finished with school!  She is going to study dress design next year and I have no doubt that she is going to make a huge success of that.

As for P and I, we're having a quiet week!  Friday I am off to Thabazimbi with my book club friends!  I have no doubt we're in for a fabuous week-end and I will have plenty to tell next week!

We ended off our week-end at Rusty Hook - what better way than this beautiful sunset!


Marcelle said...

The rain looks hectic in that photo, but love the one of the magnificent sunset...such a different look...

Avril said...

Love the sunset! We really must go there one evening - we have these places on our doorstep and never go!!

Firefly said...

We had some absolutely hectic weather yesterday. And a huge storm last night. Lots of damage around town, specially at the yacht club.

That last picture looks like a postcard. Awesome shot.

Corey~living and loving said...

you are so very busy. WOW....and I love love love that last shot. stunning.

so...what trouble are you having with the video. maybe I can help.

pam said...

Amazing sunset.

Jeanette said...

My word that's so pretty!!