Monday, September 21, 2009

Got to work this morning and was faced with chaos!  After a stunning, quiet and restful week-end, one look at our work stations and I was ready for another week-end!  I didn't change jobs and we didn't move to another building!  Same division - just moved to the other side of the building on the same floor!  Carpets weren't laid properly and my air con is not working!  NOT good when my hormones go on the rampage!  I suffer SO badly from the heat!  At least my computer was up and running and I was properly connected so I could get some work done inbetween unpacking and finding my feet!  It feels awful.  We're packed in here like sardines!  I don't know if I like it, but we'll give it a chance! :)

On the other hand, we had a great week-end!  Stacey flew off to Bloem on Saturday as her step-sister got married and I just chilled at home.  I packed away all my winter woolies and my cupboards look all sparkling and clean!  We went to Rob on Saturday night and had such a fun time.  Gordon and Les came along and we played ... ... ... POKER!

We didn't play for real money and had a good laugh trying to teach P, who only plays Black Jack, but he was outnumbered this time!  He admitted to having a good time too LOL!

Hmmm!  My first hand dealt!  Didn't win anything that round though!

Well, it's a short week for me!  I'll be taking you on a trip in Africa for Tuesday's Travels tomorrow, and I will be off for the rest of the week.  Looking forward to P's conference, and will be sure to give you all the news on my return next week!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

sounds fun!!wish i was there, would'v given you a run for your "money" hehe!!

pam said...

The office sounds horrible, hopefully you day will pass quickly.

Have a wonderful week, will catch up when you return!

Avril said...

Oh .. fun!! You always seem to have fun!!! (except the office bit!)

Love Bears All Things said...

I know just what you mean about the hormones. After my shower, I put on a tank and a long sleeved shirt because when I have a power surge, off comes the long sleeve. In a few minutes when it is over, back goes the long sleeved shirt. Just can't regulate it.
Because of this, Susan Summer's book was recommended to me. I haven't looked at it yet.
Hope you have a good trip.
Mama Bear

Rebecca Louise. said...

Can I play please? It would make my Monday :) x

Firefly said...

I have only played real poker once. I have played it online (on Facebook) a lot at one stage, but hasn't for a while.