Thursday, July 23, 2009

... broken!

Last night we went to our favourite Luigi's for a quick pizza! Had some shopping to do after work for a certain person's birthday on Saturday and also for some supplies for the week-end away so I really didn't feel like going home and cooking! When we got home, P took down the Xmas decorations for me so that I could pick out some goodies for our dinner on Saturday night (yup, we having Xmas in July!) and then spent some time pottering around. Next I hear SHRIEKS coming from the kitchen! Drop everything and run, there are P and Stacey playing the "giddy goat", running and tickling and shrieking with laughter. I could all but see my kitchen appliances go flying! Eventually they calm down - P turns around and heads off to watch yet another television programme about the lunar landing! As he walks out of the kitchen, Stacey follows him, giggling under her breath and purposefully tramps on the back of his 100 year old sheep skin slippers, hoping to trip him in up! HA! The stitching on his slippers comes loose and he walks off leaving them behind! Well, it was the funniest thing! The expression on his face was priceless! Now, he has had these slippers ever since I've known him and I have been WAITING for them to give up the ghost!

Guess what he's getting under the birthday tree on Saturday?


Marcelle said...

Xmas in July sounds like fun in SA as its nearly like Xmas in Germany...*being cold*

LOL at the slippers!!!!

I leave Germany on the 26th, arrive in JHB on the 27th...Thursday...will check out everything and then see if we can meet for a quick cuppa!!!! Sounds all good to me.

Avril said...

I can guess !! I can guess !! I can guess !! Oh please give me a turn - I know the answer !!!!
Xmas in July always sounds so cosy - that's when you feel like all that yummy Xmas food! Enjoy!!

Firefly said...

The village of Hogsback has a Xmas in July festival every year. It is coming up this weekend and Hogsback had a huge amount of snow yesterday. Awesome for them.

Corey~living and loving said...

This totally made me giggle. I love hearing about the playfulness....and of course imagining the slipper incident. thanks for sharing.