Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wine Tasting

Last week, P and I were invited to a wine tasting at Da Vinczena - an Italian restaurant in Sunnighill. It was a really chilly evening and not really a night for galavanting! We dressed up warmly and went on our merry way, hoping for a lovely dinner, and an early night!

The air was crisp and cold, but the little cherub statue outside the car park helped make the place look like a Tuscan village and somehow, inviting! We have been there before, but I had forgotten just what a lovely atmosphere the Cafe has and was even more surprised to find the old Italian owner recognise us! We had not been there for about 10 years!

While we waited for our friends, Paul and Marteen, we sat beside a crackling fire and enjoyed a "quiet libation"! The tasting room was beautifull decorated and the wine tasting was hosted by the Momberg Family from Middelvlei Wine Estate and it was quite different to any wine tasting I have attended before.
Each person was given a non-drip pourer branded by Middelvlei - very handy I might add, especially when pouring red wine. You fold it round like a funnel, put it in the top of your bottle and pour your wine - no drip, no stain!
The interesting thing about this tasting was, that we were not given tiny bits of wine to taste but a full glass of wine. For example: the tasting started off with the introduction of the only white wine made on the Estate. It is an unwooded chardonnay and really very nice. We were each given a glass, the wine-maker talked about it, and then we enjoyed our starter and chatted. He moved amongst the tables talking to people and answering questions. Then he went onto the Pinotage - same thing, then they served dinner with the Cabernet! Quite different - but I enjoyed it!

Paul, Marteen and Philip enjoying their glass of Momberg, Middelvlei's top red wine. It is quite expensive, and not being a huge red wine drinker myself, I didn't appreciate it at all. I much prefered the Pinotage (which impressed the wine-maker - HA!) with the Chardonnay being my favourite!

Evidence that we there! Oh my word - look at all those glasses - but then we did have a clean glass for each blend! LOL!

... nothing like a nice, creamy cup of DECAF to end off an otherwise perfect evening! I look forward to the next one!


pam said...

I just laughed reading your comment, 19C is our high for the day, and we think that is a pretty nice day. Although, 19 is a little low for this time of year! In the winter time here, the sun goes down around 4:45PM, talk about depressing! Luckily, the days do get longer as the winter drags on.

I have to go back and read your post now!

Jeanette said...

What a stunning evening!

Firefly said...

Sound like a great evening. I hope you had a designated driver after all the wine. LOL.
Nothing like sitting by a log fire to warm up when you are cold.