Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I can ... I think I can!

All aboard Susan the Steam Engine, bound for Magaliesburg!

We left Maraisburg Station VERY late - we waited an hour for the train to come!  No wonder people become frustrated when this is their only form of transport to work.  I was almost losing interest by the time she arrived, but boy, is she beautiful!  She came chugging up tracks onto Platform 2 ready to face the dozens of excited faces, picnic baskets, chitter chatter and laughing!  We were off on the Magaliesburg Express for a day in the country! 

For us it was an interesting and fun experience.  You can choose to go to the Magaliesburg Hotel and have lunch there, or off to the picnic spot which was our choice!  We pulled out of the station with much excitement and watched in awe at people waving from their squashed up back gardens, past squatter camps and the dirty industrial area. We passed Roodepoort and then onto Krugersdorp where found old minedumps and a graveyard for old train engines - like those one would see in children's story books.  We made our way into the country where we could see old farm houses and windmills blowing furiously - it was muggy and grey but the sound of the train's whisle blowing and the excitement of the children, turned it into a bright and beautiful day.

We got to the picnic site and laid out our wonderful picnic, from bacon, rocket and cheese rolls, to boerewors (South African sausage)  rolls. crudites with cottage cheese, muffins and cup cakes to name a few. The children ran around, climbing trees and sailing leaves down the stream at the bottom of the area.  Dad's all stood around the braai (BBQ) chatting and enjoying their beers - Mom's?  We did what Mom's like best, relaxed with our quiet glass of wine and caught up on all sorts of gossip!  All too soon it was time to embark again!  Packing up was not my favourite part!  Once we were all settled, the whistle blew and we were on our way home!  We played a fun game of "30 Seconds" which had everyone in stitches!
The Magaliesburg Express is a fund raiser and runs every second or third Sunday.  We had a lovely day.  This nostalgic trip was one we will all remember for a long time!

Photographs taken by Philip using Stacey's Canon camera! Except of course the last one!  Thank you Ezio!


Marcelle said...

what an adventure, looks like so much the last photo, was so beautifully captured.

Avril said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! Love the photos - especially the last one!

Jeanette said...

OMw that looks like so much fun. I have to do that one day... and I really want to find that train graveyard you spoke about

Firefly said...

It sounds like you had a great day out. There are very few things that compare to going on a steam train trip.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.
Mama Bear

Corey~living and loving said...

looks like so much fun. :)

I love that last shot. :)