Monday, June 1, 2009

El ganador se lleva el trofeo!

... roughly translated, that means, ”the winner gets a trophy!” Well, I didn’t get a trophy, but I did get a really lovely Mediterranean cuisine cook book as the winner! YEHA!

Our Spanish cook out was lovely (as always) and there were some very interesting dishes to try! We started off by having sardines, rolled in salt and grilled over open coals. I have never had that before and didn’t really think I was going to enjoy them. P made a lovely Mediterranean bread, and the combo, for me, was delicious! We had two variations of paella, a Spanish oxtail and my Pork Empanado. Cheryl made deep fried custard in true Spanish tradition – all washed down with copious amounts of wine, lots of chattering and even more laughter and good music!

I thought I would tell you how we run our “Cook out” – there are so many different variations! Our’s is quite simple, but a lot of fun!

There are 5 couples. We each have a turn to host the function and to choose the theme. The hosts prepare the starter / snacks and the dessert while each couple prepares a main dish. These dishes are numbered, and after dinner, we all get a turn to vote. The dish with the most votes, wins the prize which is supplied by the hosting couple.

I know a couple of clubs who dress up according to the theme, or you could have a games evening as part of the fun. Another suggestion is that each couple bring another couple that no-one knows. That way you can increase your circle of friends!

Here are some happy moments from Saturday night!

Ingredients ready for Pork Empanado

Ready for baking

Grilled Sardines with salt and lots of lemon

Friends, Sean, Collette and Ezio

Shelley and Lesley

Sleeping Storm wrapped up in Philip's Jacket

Can't have a Spanish evening, with a whole bunch of Bulls supporters (SA Super 14 rugby side who won the Super 14 on Saturday night) and no matador!

The Prize!

This is the next Spanish recipe I am going try - orignal Paella!


Avril said...

CONGRATS, well done and yummmm!! Can almost smell it all!!! Looking forward to seeing more!
Adorable little one all wrapped up!!

Jeanette said...

Love the idea!! The food sounds like it was awesome

Firefly said...

Well done. Its sounds like a great evening with lots of good food. What an excellent idea. We should try it as well. I'm spending 16 days in Johannesburg over the Confederations Cup. Maybe I should come and eat at your place as you seem to be a wonderful cook. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Hi Firefly. Mr P here. Would love to meet you when U are here for the Confed Cup. Janet has said we must get together in Sept when we come to PE for my parents 50th W/A. In case you did not know I am an old PE boy and went to the "school on the hill" with its "front to the southern seas!!!!" My mobile no is + 27 82 900 1248. Email Maybe get together for a meal? Whats your your programme? Taking photos or what? Lets do it!!

Marcelle said...

What a lot of fun you all had, congrats on winning the book...
I am the worlds most terrible cook...

pam said...

Looks like a great way to spend time with friends. Enjoy your cookbook.

Corey~living and loving said...

Congrats on the win. looks like it was a GREAT time! woo hoo!!!!

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