Monday, June 15, 2009

The Confederation Cup!

The FIFA Confederation Cup has started and with it has come a vast variety of overseas players and visitors. It is the ideal test run for the organizers of the FIFA World Cup which takes place in South Africa in just 360 days time!

The opening was held at the Ellis Park stadium, which became world famous in 1995 when South Africa became the World Champion Rugby players. I was lucky enough to be given two tickets to the opening, where South Africa (Bafana Bafana) played against Iraq.

Although P is not a big soccer / football fan, he agreed to take Stacey as we thought it would be a wonderful experience, never having been to a big soccer match before. I bought them each a soccer top in yellow and green which are the colours of the South African team! Wait a minute … let me show how much fun they had!
THE tickets!
Stacey and Philip - all ready to go!

The went up to Northgate, to the Park and Ride where they left the car, safely parked and caught a taxi to the Stadium as parking at there would have been a huge problem. It cost them R30 ($3.71) for the whole day - there and back! Not bad!
Stacey beside the taxi they rode in. She sat in front and said that everyone was so happy!
The Johannesburg skyline on the way to Ellis Park
Standing outside waiting to go in!
Security check - they body searched Stacey twice, making sure she had no liquor or weapons on her!
Security on the ground ...
Security in the air ... Stacey said that the security was excellent and there was no trouble on the stands - not that they saw anyhow!
The stadium filling up!
A little spectator sitting next to Stacey. She said he was SO cute! and SO excited!
Going on for the opening!
The president of FIFA and our National President Mr Jacob Zuma (with the floral pattern on his shirt!)
All the spectators with their flags and Vuvuzelas! They look like bugles and are made out of plastic. They make the more awful sound, but have become part of the South African tradition at Soccer games!
I was surprised to hear that there were NO South African beers for sale. Only Budweiser. SAB were not sponsors! Sorry Philip - no "zamalek" for you!
Action time!
They had a lovely afternoon, and although there was no score (0-0) the experience of being with a crowd of people at a place you would not normally go to, was special and educational! Given half a chance I think Stacey would go again ..." to see Italy Mom - the players are really hot!"


Marcelle said...

I'm not that into soccer either but would love to be there for the atmosphere - wonderful that you giving your daughter this experience.

Lovely photo's, thanks for sharing!!

Jeanette said...

What a fabulous experience!

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing for Daddy and his girl. The colors are beautiful.
Mama Bear

pam said...

What a fun thing to do. Glad the security was so tight, you just never know!!
They will have to go when Italy comes.

Firefly said...

Great pictures by them documenting the day. Our boss told us they would get us tickets to go as well, but something went wrong and no tickets... Oh well, what ever.


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