Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly Sunday!

We had a stunning week-end! I went for my massage session on Saturday morning and it was probably the BEST back massage I have ever had. It was at Phree Edge and boy, did Giselle know what she was doing! I went home afterwards, and slept for practically the whole afternoon. I was so relaxed. She did say that I have a lot of knots in my back, so I am going to go back for another session ... what a pleasure!

We had a 60th birthday party on Saturday which was held at the Central Grill in Cedar Square. It was divine. The food, the company, the music - we had a really lovely evening!
Decided to go to the deep South for prawns yesterday! Rosettenville is an old suburb in the south of Johannesburg and is well-known for it's portuguese restaurants, having a huge Portuguese community! "Churrasqueria" is a typical Mediterranean restaurant where they serve the MOST divine prawns! Our favourite (Stacey and I share) an Aletenjano which is a chourico sausage "stew" in red wine, with garlic, green peppers, onions and olives served with crusty Portugues rolls - that's our starter - YUM! Then we share a kg of Queen prawns - grilled to perfection with garlic and lemon - all washed down with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, and to end .... has to be Malatov! A custard, chocolate and marshamallo roll - to die for!

We heard on the radio that the highway was closed off due to a road block and so decided to go home through Johannesburg city centre! We have not been through town in YEARS and found it rather intersting - battered and dirty, but interesting nonetheless! I thought I would share some of the sights we saw ...

Driving through the streets of Johannesburg - Johannesburg, or E'Goli (city of gold) is the third largest city in Africa (after Cairo and Alexandria). Johannesburg is the financial and instustrial metropolis of South Africa. Unfortunately, the city centre, no longer beautiful but run down and neglected. Very few people go there anymore, prefering to shop in the suburbs or Sandton which is the new financial hub!

Turning into Rissik Street - home of the famous Rissik Street Post Office which is a national Monument, one of our oldest buildings

The Old Library - opposite the Post Office on Rissik Street - derelict, old and uncared for!

Driving out of Rosettenville towards town - I wouldn't have my hair done here!

Typical Taxi - see how overloaded it is?

Old Buildings - broken windows!

Now, we don't put in our own petrol (gas) in South Africa, we have petrol attendants who do it for us! This friendly young man put petrol in Philip's car in the heart of the city centre! He was only too happy to have his photograph taken! He thought we were tourists!

All in all an interesting afternoon!


Shaun said...

Good morning !
That Hair Salon is not all that bad. The best thing is the price, it is very cheap. They are very friendly and the tea is great too ! Anyways, Happy Monday !!!!!

Janet said...

LOL! You make me laugh! As long as the tea's good! Happy Monday to you too! :)

Mandi said...

Wow, thanks for the tour.

I used to work in JHB near the library, about 15 years ago.

I remember going shopping and to the library in my lunch hour, then it was a risk but now it is unthinkable.

Have a great week!

Avril said...

Food sounds yummy! Wouldn't I love a large plate of prawns today ?!!!!! Mouth is watering!! As for the city centre - yes it's so sad. Both hubby and Elaine work there. Hubby works in Newtown in an old restored mining mill house (he works for a large mining company) and Elaine now works in the huge FNB building. She's found it quite an eye opener for her first job!! I of course used to also work in town before she was born so that makes it 20 odd years ago - when town was 'nice' - beautiful buildings, lovely shops, tripping over instable pavements but nonetheless I used to walk 5 blocks to shops and 5 blocks back in the lunch time! - and in high heels!!!

Firefly said...

Its is so sad that Jhb city centre has gone down like that while places like CT and PE try to uplift their's.

Jeanette said...

Oooh I saw an advert for that beauty place today at the school stockist! Glad it was good.
LOVE that you took photos of your journey :)

pam said...

It is so sad that those beautiful, historic buildings are neglected.

I so miss full-service gas stations!

Thanks for the tour. I loved it.