Monday, April 20, 2009


I have taken a few days leave and will not be around for the next week.  As you know, Friday is Stacey's 21st so I thought I would do a little tribute to my daughter today!

My beautiful little girl, was born on the 24th April 1988 at 08h55.  She was quite a surprise as I was CONVINCED that I was going to have a son!  What a wonderful surprise she was and what a pleasure she has always been!

From the moment she took her first steps she has brought me nothing but pleasure.  She was my little shadow and followed me all over!  I was teaching in those days and she used to come to school with me in the afternoons when I had my extra-mural activities.  The boys loved her and she took great delight in running after them, especailly when they went up to the tuck shop for a sweetie!
That dear little face with thos big blue eyes, will always make me smile!
From fishing with her "brothers" Damian and Jarred to being Santa's helper at a Round Table Xmas party, she has always been my pride and joy.
Well, she's all grown up now and I know that we have a lot of living and loving to look forward too! 
Thank you Stacey for making me so proud!  Thank for our unconditional, forever kind of love!


Riley Kai said...

Your post made me cry! Although my little Riley is only 2, I can already imagine I will blink and be writing your post! Daughters are such a beautiful gift to be given!...and guess what Janet?! Riley's birthday is April 24th!!!! (we just had her party early!)

Avril said...

Stacey has grown into a beautiful young woman!

Congratulations Stacey on turning 21 - may all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.

Enjoy your time off work, Janet, and I'm sure the party will be a great success!! I think you are like me - emotional !!! - take a drop of Rescue and enjoy the moment! Your beautiful daughter will not be 21 again!!

Looking forward to seeing some photos!

Corey~living and loving said...

What a great post to make me smile. :) she is so beautiful, and I can feel your love.

Jeanette said...

Love the photos :) What a lovely post!!

pam said...

Stacey was an adorable baby and young child. And a gorgeous young woman.

Happy Birthday Stacey!! Have a wonderful party. I am excited about it and I am on the other side of the world:)

Janet...see you soon.

Annie said...

Wow Jan you make me all teary. Just realised that I have known you for quite a few years now and that I have had the privilege to see Stacey grow from a cute little girl to an awesome young lady!!! I am sure she is gonna bring you just as much happiness in all the years to come!

Firefly said...

While I was reading through I was wondering what my little girl would look like when she grows up. I want to do a tribute like this one day when she turnes 21.

Shaun said...

My memory has not been up to scratch because of a recent event in my life, but I called Wayne to see the picture of Stacey as the Flower Girl and Uncle Collins Wedding. For some reason that day is so fresh in my mind even though I was so young ! I remember Stacey running up and down, playing with the water, there must have been a little pond or something. Strange ey ? !!!! Looking forward to seeing you good ppl on Friday. Have a good week off and don't stress too much !!!! Nice post this week !!!!!!!!