Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

After many attempts at being artistic, I quite like  this, although blurry, photograph of a candle which was on our table at the Gala Dinner last Saturday night! 
I would like to leave you with this message, this Easter:
"In the resurrection, Jesus proves that all God's promises are true."
Keep safe and God Bless you all!


Anonymous said...

Peace and Happiness to you and your family on this blessed Easter.

Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful Easter

Avril said...

Happy Easter to you and family - safe driving if you're travelling anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mr P says. We are going to Romania for Easter!!. Nice and Quiet

Shaun said...

Happy Easter ! Take care guys !

pam said...

Happy Easter to you!

Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Pam said...

Happy Easter to you as well!

Hope I have time to "schedule" some posts before we leave town day after tomorrow. Going to the mother in laws and there's NO computer there. Don't know what I'll do for 4, long days.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,