Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beach Front!

Although we have been to Durban often in the last few months, we have never taken the time to go down to the beach front. We decided to take a drive down to Moyo which is at the uShaka Pier on the Durban Beach front. Nothing like an ice cold glass of wine to cool one down, with a warm tropical breeze blowing and a stunning view of the ocean! Imagine the sunset over the sea? Unfortunately we left too early to see it!

After taking our order, a sweet young Zulu girl asked us if we would like our faces painted! It's a traditional activity and washes off quite easily! Just for the fun of it, we did - everyone recognises the face painting and if you have the trademark, they know exactly where you've been!

Just to the left of the pier, there was a young man making sculptures out of sand. They were quite amazing. He was busy with a shark, whose snout kept breaking. I think the sand was a little dry. I really liked the castle and he kindly allowed me take a photograph of it (I had to give him 10 bucks though! LOL!)

I have only ever seen "Rikshaw Boys" along the esplanade in Durban. With their gigantic hats, colourful clothing and bead work, they are a major tourist attraction! There object is not to offer a transport service as in other countries, but just to take tourists for a "jolly patrol" of the beach front. OK! This one doesn't have a gigantic hat!

As we left the beach front and worked our way back to the car I was amazed to see the number of youngsters running down towards the beach with their surf boards. Some of them were half the board size! Then we noticed that Jeep were having their workshop and teaching the kids how to surf! They were like seals in the water - there were dozens of them. Looked like fun though!

Walking out of the rear entrance to Moyo's I was amazed to see the "tree" planted in a large pot. It was full of cows, made out of plastic milk bottles. Just so artistic, but that is typical of the locals. They had LONG eye lashes, and looked really funky. I had to take a photograph of them, but P and Stacey were in a hurry, so I took it very quickly! You need to look carefully ... they very cute!


Pam said...

It's funny that you posted this today as I had gotten out the globe last night to see just how far away you lived. Whoa! We are world apart~~distance wise. I just showed my 5 year old the globe and told her I was about to send you a message. She wants me to tell you that you "live on the pink and we live on the green". Meaning South Africa is the color pink on our globe. Funny!

Anyway, neat pictures of Durban! How nice to get to go to the beach while you were there. It looks beautiful.

As a side note, my little one is now attempting to call you from my cell phone using the "numbers" on the globe. Silly girl!

If you haven't seen updated info on Stellan, he has finally begun to stabilize and looks to be doing better. Praise the Lord!

Firefly said...

Very nice travel short story. I don't know Durban that well and have only been there twice. Both times for work so sightseeing was at a minimum. Next month we are going to Indaba again so I hope to see a little bit more of it this time around.

jadey said...

I love the castle so cool. The cow tree was very artsy and a great thing to see.