Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tagged - My Handbag Revealed!

My blogging friend Pam has tagged me and I think this is such fun! It's about your handbag (purse) and what is inside it! Ha! Came at the right time because I have made a resolution to keep my bag tidy and that's not an easy task!

Right! Here are the rules:

  • Post a picture of whichever bag you are using today - no cheating now!
  • Tell us how much it cost and if there is a story behind it!
  • Tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this posit so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag
Rule #1 was quite easy really. I am not one that chops and changes my bags very often. I had a beautiful black Nine West bag that I absolutely loved and it was snatched from my chair one night when I was sitting at the local coffee shop! I was really angry as it was HUGE and I used it every single day. I had to replace it of course (although I have others, it was the only black one - perfect for work!).
Because my bag had been taken, I did not want to spend a fortune on another Nine West bag, which brings me to Rule #2! I went off to the little Woolworths (Marks & Spencer equivalent) and found the above black bag. It cost me R199 South African Rands (about US $18.99) and is not too big and not too small and I use it every single day. It's not too difficult to keep organised. Now I just have to learn how to keep my purse in order - it has it's own filing system - papers, slips and receipts ... but that's another story!
The contents of my handbag are my bare essentials! Bottom, from left to right: an Avroy Shlain lip gloss, lip liner, FNB Cheque Book, pen and a Justine Tissue Oil hand cream! Middle: Reading glasses in case. Top, from left to right: Mobile phone, my flash-drive, my special POLO purse (the one I struggle to keep tidy!) and my Ventolin asthma pump!

There you have it, and now to tag!

I tag the following blog friends and hope they have fun too!




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Firefly said...

With the amount of places refusing to accept cheques these day, I'm surprised anybody still uses a chequebook. *wink*

Janet said...

Haha! To be honest, it's so that I can pay for my car licence which is due!

pam said...

You are so organized - I am very impressed!!

Pam said...

Great bag, Janet. I love it! And you were right that you only had the bare essentuals in there. Quite impressive, I must say.

Mine is already junked up again even though I've been very vigilent and even thrown some stuff out.

Thanks for playing along. This one was really fun!

Have a great day,

Judith said...

Janet - your handbag is way too neat!! mine is full of pens!! LOL judith

Avril said...

Wow - neat as a pin!!! So so so glad you didn't tag me - mine is a typical mommy/granny bag with everything but the kitchen sink!!!

Jeanette said...

OMw I can't believe you still have a cheque book! I can't remember when last I actually saw one.