Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something Special!

I thought I would share a gift my friend Lesley gave me! Something so sweet and meaningful! It's called "My Friend" and the box says, "Friendship is cozy, warming me like fresh, hot tea. Endless refills please!" It's a precious little box of tea, a blend of Rooibos and Ceylon tea flavoured with Vanilla and Caramel. You can find them on the internet - Bag Ladies Tea

Mine comes from the new blossom collection and is pictured below. Each little tea bag comes with a thoughtful tag. I am having my first one now! Guess what my tag says?

"You'll always be my friend. You know too much!"

What a novel idea and what a thoughtful gift. I will not be taking a peak at the other bags, but will keep the tags a surprise for that time in the day when I really need a break from office surroundings! YUM! It's nice tea too - I'm sipping it as I type!


Jeanette said...

what a lovely idea!

Annie said...

This is such a cute idea for a really special gift that lasts.

Spruce Creek Farm said...

Lovely design! Also a nice reminder of a memorable