Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sneak Preview!

... you're the first!  What do you think?  Stacey's invitation!  Her friend Carlo, has very kindly designed it for her and it SHOULD go out by the end of  this week!  She's changed the colours of the wording to make them stand out more, and the info will be on the back! 

  • Venue and Meal - booked
  • DJ - booked
  • Photographer - booked
  • Cake - in planning!
We're getting there!  Next job ... outfits!


Firefly said...

An absolutely cool invite. I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures from the party.

Janet said...

Haha! Me too! Now I just have to do something about keeping my emotions under control!!

Avril said...

very very nice!! Also looking forward to photos - I know they'll be good - I am biased!! As for the emotions - a little Rescue drops or spray on tongue works wonders at the last minute if you think you're going to crumble in a heap! Wait till she gets married !!!!!!!
I am falling behind with my nominations on the awards I have so kindly been given but at least I have worked out how to put it in the side 'thingie' !!

Jeanette said...

That's so very cool!! Love it! Can't wait :)

Hayley said...

Awesome invite!