Monday, March 9, 2009


I decided to give “Not me Monday” a miss this week and concentrate on Friendships!

First of all I would like to thank Pam so much for the honour and graciously accept the “True Friendship Award”. The rules are simple – this award is to be given to five people who you consider true online friends!

The first person I would like to pass this award onto is Jeanette. If it wasn’t for her I would not be a part of this wonderful world.

Kelly, my day is not complete unless I have read her updates on daily life with her complete little family of four!

Avril, for being an inspiration!

Judith, for her loyal support and for always popping past to say hello and for introducing me to my favourite day of all – Show & Tell!

And finally to Kelli, who hosts Show & Tell – what a wonderful way of sharing and what pleasure it brings to all!

And now for the next part of my friendship blog! Eleanor from Thatchwick Cottage interviewed me! Our “conversation” follows!

How did you meet your dear husband?

Philip and I met in Johannesburg about 18 months after my divorce. My brother introduced to me to him. Philip worked with a friend of Rob’s and I was invited to dinner as they thought I needed some “adult” time! My parents looked after Stacey (she was nearly 7). Rob and his wife fetched me and as we drove into the driveway of the house, I saw a white car with a Round Table sticker in the back window. “Whose a Round Tabler?” I asked (my ex-husband was also a member of Round Table) “I am” said this voice … we spent the rest of the evening chatting and talking about our girls. He was divorced with a little girl (Alexandra who is turning 18 this year) I was divorced and had Stacey. We had so much in common. He invited me out for a drink the following week and we have been together ever since. We will have been married for 10 years this year!

The most amazing thing is, that when I was teaching many years ago, I taught Philip’s cousin Sean. Sean’s daddy had been killed in a motorbike accident and Philip was in the army in Bloemfontein. Philip used to go to his cousin’s house on week-end and take the children to the zoo or to the movies. His cousin begged him to come with her to meet Sean’s teacher! He never did! Neither of us were married at the time … but who knows? Maybe we had lessons to learn before we were meant to be together!

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment (there have been a few!) must have been the day I pushed my shopping trolley out of Woolworths and down the ramp towards my car – my feet slipped underneath me and I landed on my knees! Trolley still being tightly held in my hands! Thank goodness I hadn’t let that go! I was soooo embarrassed. The parking lot was FULL of people and my daughter collapsed into a puddle of giggles! I felt like such an idiot – pulled myself up and slowly walked towards my car with a very bruised ego and two grazed knees!

What was your happiest childhood memory?

Gosh! There were many but I think the ones that stand out the most are our winter holidays in June. We always used to pack up our family car and drive down to the South Coast for 10 days. I remember waiting in anticipation for school to close! Going to bed early so that we would be up and about with the birds, packing up the car and the long road to Ramsgate, or Pennington! The arrival – unpacking and finding our beds made up with crisp, white linen! Lazy days on the beach, picking up shells, catching little fish with our nets and listening to the radio in the evenings with my parents – we had no television in South Africa in those days! Going home also had its good points - we would book our next holiday immediately and start saving our pennies in an old white KFC bucket – my brothers and I popped all our bits of change in there and you will be surprised how many candy sticks that brought us on the beach!

If you could have an author to dinner, who would it be a why?

She’s no longer with us, but honestly, Enid Blyton. I was a great fan of her adventure stories and the Faraway Tree series. I learnt, thanks to Enid Blyton, that as long as I read a book I would never be lonely. I remember waking up at night and creeping through the house into the kitchen so that I could read without waking up my family! LOL! She had an amazing imagination!

What really makes you tick? What motivates you?

My family! My daughter and my husband! Our friends! I am very social and enjoy entertaining, being in the kitchen and having people around us. Sometimes I wonder how I keep going! I know that what we put into relationships is what we get out, and I am determined to always have special people around me!


Avril said...

I did a double take when I saw my name as an inspiration! Me, little ordinary me? I am flattered - thank you.

Also loved Enid Blyton and my favourite was the Folk of the Faraway Tree too - maybe it's the magic and all the escapism to different lands. Maybe that's where I get the absolute desire to go travelling - all over the world which I've had all my life and never had the opportunities. One day ...

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the mention :)
Those are my absolute favourite books too! I loved reading teh whole series.
You're going to have to organise a blogmeet to meet my mom!

pam said...

What a great interview, so fun to get to know you better!!

I am glad you enjoyed the award.