Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diamonds are forever!

The anniversary of the date on which your wedding took place!  12 Februrary 1949 - that's right, 60 years!  Our very special friends Heneck and Alina celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week and we were lucky enough to be able to join them in Bloemfontein for their party!  How wonderful that they are well enough to travel, and that they could come to South Africa from Huddersfield in the UK, to spend this time with Niunia and Dave!

Alina and Heneck
This very special couple have a wonderful story.  I wish I could remember the detail!  They met as refugees from Poland when they were children, having been shipped to India during the second world war.  On their travels they passed by the tip of Africa and ended up in England, where they were sent to Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, where they have lived ever since.  They have 3 lovely daughters, Liz, Grazjina and Niunia (my best friend!).  They were blessed with two grandsons, two granddaughters and four great grandchildren.
I giggled to myself, when we asked Alina how she did it!  "Normal!" she said, "we've had our ups and downs!"
The first dance!
Me, P, Heneck and Alina
Grizjina, Niunia and Jamie
Grandson Jarred and Naleka
Melissa and Niunia
Granddaughter Nikola on dance floor
Is that Mick Jagger? No! Michael and Philip!
Congratulations Alina and Heneck - looking forward to celebrating your Platinum Anniversary with you!


Marcelle said...

Hello Janet

Thanks so much for popping in and leaving me a comment. It was a lovely surprise to see that you are also a South African...
Life in Germany has been a huge challenge.Now I look forward to my holiday to CT in 9 days time...
I am adding your blog to my feedreader, so you will be seeing more of me. Now I need to read some of your blog to get to know more about you.

Jeanette said...

That's a huge achievement! Glad you got to celebrate with them!

Judith said...

how wonderful and don't they look happy :) take care, Judith

Firefly said...

Wow, 60 years. Where am I now. Mmmm... it will be 9 years in Oct. Still a long way to go. It looks like you had a great party.

pam said...

What an amazing milestone, I bet they have some great stories to tell!

Pam said...

How absolutely wonderful!