Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Week-end!

Boy oh boy!  You do not want to see what our diaries look like - until the end of March we have something on every single week-end!  21st Birthday parties, weddings, induction dinners - you name it - we have it! This week-end was the start of our busy schedule!  We had friends around on Saturday evening to watch Philip's beloved Sharks play in the Vodacom Super 14 - they won thank goodness - P had flags flying, and Ye Olde English Football Rattle going - what a noise!

Great Excitement - they're still not top of the log though - Bulls are!
Those of you who know P will know that a social at our house just isn't complete without a "staanvuur" (standing fire!)
Boys around the "staanvuur"
Stacey and Katelyn went to a friends 21st and the theme was "Gypsies and Pirates" - we didn't have any pirates on hand (although P could have obliged!) but we had two beautiful Gypsy ladies!
They looked really cute!
Gypsy Queen
On Sunday, we had our 41er Social and we decided to go to "Heia Safari" for lunch.  It was really quite nice, although the service wasn't as great as it could have been!  Once again we were blessed with the sighting of many animals!  As we drove through the entrance, standing RIGHT beside the gate, were these two ... munching on a thorn tree!
One of the attractions at Heia Safari Lodge are the zebras that roam around freely.  The even come to the swimming pool to drink and cool down in the hot African sun!  It really is quite sweet!  They are very skittish though, so it's wise to keep one's distance!
Very pregnant Mummy sipping water from the pool - I love the dainty pose!
 How sweet is this baby?  It was so tiny!
Impala buck standing in the shade of the thorn bush
Have you ever seen a Zonkey?  It's a cross between a zebra and a donkey!  Look at it's stripy legs!
Baby peacocks with their Mummy - the beautiful male was not keen on being photographed!
Stacey and Kate catching some "zzzzz's" on the lawn after lunch
Pink sky at night, Shepherd's delight!
What a lovely way to end a beautiful day - pink sky and a gentle breeze with the smell and promise of a highveld thunderstorm!


Jeanette said...

Hehe love the gypsy outfits! Looks like you had a good weekend

Pam said...

I love the Zonkey! I've never seen anything like it.