Thursday, February 5, 2009

... And away they go!!

Extinct, out of Endangered Species by Spaceship, bred by Scott Brothers, trained by Colin Scott (my brother) assisted by Tom Scott (my Dad) and owned by Rob Scott (my baby brother) won its first race since being rested at Scottsville in KwaZulu Natal yesterday afternoon.

Ha! Having grown up in a family who love thoroughbred horse-racing, nothing quite beats the thrill of watching a horse run and win - especially if its connected to your family! It's very exciting!

Excuse the quality of these photographs, but I took them off the telly!

At the starting gate!

Extinct running on the far left wearing Rob's colour, black and white checks
The result
The jockey - Muzi
Colin being interviewed after the race

I am convinced that when horse racing became a professional sport during the reign of Queen Anne between 1702 and 1714 you would be sure to have found one of my ancestors in the crowd! We're not a family of gamblers, and my Mum and I aren't really interested, but our boys love it!
You go guys! I'm one mighty proud Sister!


Jeanette said...

Wow, well done to your brother!

Firefly said...

You must let us know when the horse runs again so we all can put some money down on him.

Janet said...

Haha! I always wake up after the fact!!

Avril said...

Wow - that's wonderful!!! Congrats to your men folk!!!! (psst - I agree with Firefly - we could all do with a little inside info!!! just think of that B&B you want to start!?!)

Hayley said...

Oh wow, thats awesome!

pam said...

It must of been very exciting!