Monday, December 15, 2008

Not me Monday!

• I did not sit in our garden on Wednesday evening, 28 degrees at 18h12 and long for the exquisite white  Christmas we spent in Poland with Philip’s sister Caroline and her lovely family – the extra special Christmas Eve with the American ex-pats, singing Christmas carols while the snow fell thick and heavy outside! I did not wish I could experience that again … right now … not me!

• I did not remember how Philip went into the garden and make snow angels in the bitter cold, WITHOUT shoes on. I could not remember the laughter and merriment and how much I loved being there … definitely not me!

• I did not sit around the fire in the lounge with my pink shawl and read the Father Claerhout Christmas story to the children and enjoy seeing their little faces with bright eyes listening in awe … that was NOT me!

• I did not love sitting at the window and looking out over the white garden while the snow fell softly, thanking God for the white Christmas I so badly wanted … I was not thankful for this … not me!

• I did not run outside in the village of Zabiersov where my sister-in-law lived with my tongue sticking out so that I could feel the snow – I would NEVER be that childish! Not me!

• And I did not SCREAM when going down the hill in a toboggan because the snow pushed up my legs and made my jeans wet … who would be so stupid anyhow as to wear jeans when going on a toboggan – obviously they would get wet! It would definitely NOT be me!

• I did not rush into our room and pull out the albums, reminisce and WISH so hard to be back, I could almost smell the smells and taste the Cognac we sipped to warm our tummies … not me!

• And it was not my intention be ungrateful for the warm sunshine and the wonderful blessings I have!

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Firefly said...

I'm not ungreatfull about us having a summer Christmas at all, but I would REALLY like to experience a white Christmas as well. Maybe one day.

Rachel E. said...

Sounds cold! I have to confess (while we're on the subject of Not Me Monday) that I have never seen snow, having lived in Hawaii all my life. Hope you and the kids have fun in all that snow!

Judith said...

wonderful - I felt even colder as I read your blog. We've only had a small shower of snow so far but friends who live further north have had it quite deep. I'll stay where I am!! lol

Hope all is well with you in your air-conditioned office? :) take care, Judyx

Following Him said...

I am not glad that COLD weather has hit today nor did I find you through MckMama!!!