Friday, December 12, 2008

My Fairy Garden!

When Philip and I first moved into our house over 10 years ago, my eldest niece Clare (who is now 15) was CONVINCED that there were fairies in Aunty Jan's garden!  So I fixed that!

Just behind our swimming pool is a little area full of little trees, shrubs and ivy.  It's dark, and damp and full of tiny little plants - the perfect spot.  I laid down some stepping stones and got some red toadstools which I placed in a little opening in the middle.  The next job was to invite lots of tiny people!

Which I did ... dozens of them,  hanging in all sorts of nooks and crannies!  I even have a tiny little fairy door placed against the trunk of a palm tree - the perfect spot for fairies to hide!  It has become a source of great excitement for all my nieces now, and Sinead (who is the baby of us all and only just 5) cannot wait to go exploring, especially when she slips into the magical place and finds fairy dust, or teen, tiny petals lying around - she's so sure they've been there!
It's a great conversation piece and the kids just love it!  Sadly our girls have outgrown the fantasy, and slowly so are our nieces.  Claire is now 15 and interested in other things, Keelan, at 13, is also too big, but she still plays along with her baby sister, as does Erin (11)  who delights in seeing Sinead's face when she imagines having seen something.  Now of course, the idea that Santa's fairies are on the lookout for all good children,  has her on her best behaviour!
I think it's so sweet! 
Did you see the reindeer flying past last night, just making sure they have their route correct for Christmas Eve? I did!


Jeanette said...

Hehe that's so cute! My kids would love that. My mom has a fairy garden too.

Judith said...

Oh how wonderful - a friend of mine collects fairies - must tell her about your garden :)