Thursday, December 4, 2008


My shattered nerves! I have been in a bit of a comfort zone at work for a while and am in the process of taking over a new portfolio! Boy! I had forgotten how to chase my tail. So much to learn as it involves international settlements and Exchange Control rules which I have to freshen up on. The most frustrating part about it, is that I understand things one way, especially when it comes to Blocked accounts - ie residents who are in the process of emigrating non-residents, clients who are foreign and reside overseas. Somehow I can't get the answers that I need. I can see that I am going to need some serious patience! Not only me but the authorising agents as I am going to have PLENTY of questions!

Do you remember my friend who is donating her kidney to her adopted sister? I wrote about her story a while ago. Well, as we speak she is flying to Cape Town to prepare for the operation which takes place on Tuesday, 9th. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is VERY scared!


Judith said...

Hello Janet I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your blog? I would like to have 'blog friends' from different parts of the world and hope you will be a 'blog friend'?

I found you because you like the film Bucket List as I do too.

I will indeed keep your friend in my prayers. Judyx

Judith said...

Thanks Janet. The flowers are wild sweetpeas and they grow on a piece of land where once a small village stood before it was washed away in 1953. The area is now surrounded by an Industrial estate but the sweetpeas just remind me to look for the beauty and against all odds they have flourished.

Although I have never been to South Africa my father-in-law is orginally from there.

Take care, Judyx

Anonymous said...

happy chap test jan

Judith said...

haha as the song goes 'It's a small world after all..' We live about 10/12 miles from the centre of London - barking is quite a built up area no way near as picturesque has your mothers view from her house!!
I think Nigel's dad came from Mayfair?? just outside of Johannesburg? I know he said when he was little it was only a small village..he's been in the UK since the early 1950's

Jeanette said...

Hope your friend's op is successful!!
Have you taken over the non-res pmts? Nice!