Thursday, December 18, 2008


Rene used to be a colleague of Philip’s when he worked for National Brands, many moons ago! When P and I got together, I became friendly with her too and we have remained friends ever since. Seven years ago, Ren got married to Pete and moved to Australia. They are now the proud parents of two beautiful little children, Savannah (who is nearly 4) and Kyle (who will be 2 in January). They are en-route to the USA for Christmas and spent a couple of weeks in South Africa.

We were lucky enough to meet up with them on Tuesday and spend some time hearing about their new life in Sydney and enjoying their little ones so much! Kyle was the most lovable little thing and LOVED “This little piggy”, “Round and round the garden” and of course “Horsey, horsey don’t you stop!”

How important it is to keep in touch! I have realized that more and more this year. Friends and family are the only things we can keep with us always. Material things come and go, but people are forever.

Thank you for being my friend!


Judith said...

You're very right material things are not important but relationships are. I met up with a friend two years ago that I hung around with from the age of 11-19 and then we went our seperate ways but now we are good friends and along with her husband and mine we all went on holiday together this year, which was brilliant.
I'm so pleased you were able to meet up - take care, Judith

Firefly said...

It reallt is so important to keep in touch with friends both here in SA as well as those living overseas. Luckily modern technology makes it a lot easier than in the past. I am very greatefull for something like Facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with old and new friends the world over. And through my blog I am also making new friends and although I have never met my blog friends they truely are friends. Awe sucks, now I'm getting all sentimental.

Anonymous said...

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