Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sisterly Love!

Philip and I have a very dear friend and I would like to share her story with you.

Z was adopted by a loving family when she was a baby. She has a younger sister, C who was also adopted. Z grew up and became mom to a daughter who is currently in her final year at school. Z’s adopted sister developed kidney problems and has not been well at all. Some time ago, they went through a process as doctors said that C would need a kidney transplant. (She has two young daughters). After running a whole series of tests, it was discovered that Z is a perfect match! In fact, the specialist could not believe how perfect their match was. The kidney transplant was scheduled, but for some reason C’s creatinine levels played cat and mouse and the transplant could not take place.

Over the past 5 or 6 months, C has deteriorated, so much so that she is now receiving dialysis twice a week, and they are considering increasing this treatment. The kidney transplant has been re-scheduled and will be taking place on the 9th December at the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town.

The most amazing part of this story, is how two little girls were placed together in a home, loved and nurtured as sisters, although no blood relationship existed at all, and now as adults, Z is offering to give her sister the gift of life and that despite all odds, their blood and tissue match was as close as if they had been sisters by blood!

Obviously there is a lot of tension as reality sets in. I would ask you to keep Z in your prayers.

Please pray:
  • For healig
  • For guidance as the doctors perform this operation
  • For strength - not only before the operation, but after.
Chance made us Sisters, hearts made us friends!”

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Jeanette said...

Hope the operation is a success. Praying for their recovery