Monday, November 17, 2008

One of those days!

I'm having one of those days! You know the ones, when it's best not to say anything! Although I got up early this morning, left on time and never hit any traffic - a peaceful trip into Sandton (for a change!) I sat down at my desk and wondered what the point is of this! Same routine, same faces, same issues! General bantering of colleagues and phones ringing! How I dream of my B&B! I saw a property advertised in my Wine magazine! Stellenbosch - between Stellenbosch and Somerset West actually - great mountain views, large main house and 4 cottages, sparkling pool - great guesthouse potential! And it's NOT ridiculously expensive!

Everyone says "oh its such hard work!" True, but I'm not afraid of hard work and I think that when you're enjoying job satisfaction it makes a huge difference! I will have my B&B one day ... until then I continue to dream and buy the Lottery ticket!

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Go for it. I will come and help you. It is not far from where I work. The whole area is beautifull.

Janet said...

Oh my word! If only I could convince P it was the way to go!!

Jeanette said...

working is for the birds. I'm tired of it too.

Blogger said...

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