Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Time!

Well, I did not know what I was going to write about today, but Jeanette fixed that! For the first time ever I'VE BEEN TAGGED! So here goes! I hope I do the right thing now! Hahaha!

These are the rules:
  • Go to your picture file.

  • Go to the 4th file.

  • Go to the 4th picture.

  • Post it and tell the story.

  • Tag 4 more people.

Well, here goes!

This photograph was taken when we visited Mabilingwe in April! We went with (back first) Claudio, Philip and Thys, (front) Cheryl, Stacey and me. If I am looking a little apprehensive it is because we had just passed a herd of about 5 elephants. Two of them littlies! Those of you who know me, know that I am SO not fond of elephants and although I was trying to be brave, I wasn't a very happy camper! I do remember that not long after this photo was taken, we found the little pub in the bush which was used for the old Castrol television advert! What a memorable day, and thanks J for helping me remember the fun we had that week-end!

I am tagging ...

  1. Desi - I just love her photographs - and I'm kind of hoping to see more of Greece!
  2. Firefly - a new blog that Jeanette introduced to me to - its such fun reading his blog and finding out new things about our country that I didn't know before!
  3. Caroline - I am challenging her to write on her blog more often!
  4. Kelly - this is one of the first blogs I started reading and I so enjoy reading about her life and how she's preparing to become a Mum!

Well, there we go!


Jeanette said...

Very cool! What a lovely photo, glad the meme got you thinking about a holiday :)

Avril said...

Ah that's lovely! I need to do mine - but I think I need help from Jeanette (not sure how to tag! - actually have no idea!) And thank you so much for your kind words .. blessings to your Mum and especially to you

Open your Eyes. said...

Aww lovely photo! Just passing your blog and jealous you live in SA. What a beautiful country! I visited there a couple of years and ago and just welcomed a friend on her travels from Durban - I was pleased to introduce her to snow for the furst time in her 20 years of life =].

Love and quirky blog! X.