Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conversations with a 5 year old!

Sinead: Aunty Jan, Grace has a baby!
(Grace is my brother's domestic worker)

Me: Yes, I know she does. She's sweet isn't she?

Sinead: Her names Robyn!

Me: Mmmmmm! After your Dad!
(He's Robert!)

Sinead: I wonder where she got her ??


jeanette said...

And, what was your answer?

Avril said...

Yes .. and what was your answer? Been catching up with your 'diary' - wow, the venue and decor for your office 'do' looked great - great for a 21st too - we had Elaine's last year at Ramkietjie - was great. Doggies do get older which is always so sad. As we get older 'memory lane' gets longer and longer !!!!

Avril said...

Oh yes .. and when you buy that B&B, count us in as guests - I really love that whole area Somerset West\Stellenbosch and know my way around quite well having taken my Mum on our 'out and about' days.

Janet said...

LOL! I left the explaining to her father, tickled her tummy and said same place we found u - in the pumpkin patch!!