Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arrived safely!

Well, I arrived safely and gave Nana the surprise of her life.  She was sitting on her bed when I walked in with a bunch of white roses and said "Happy Birthday!"  She screamed and began to cry!  No need to tell you that I promptly burst into tears too!  But they were happy tears and it is so good to be with her on this special day.  We had breakfast at the Heritage in Hillcrest - topped off with a delicious "Moccochino" - espresso with hot chocolate!  Just what the Dr ordered - it is overcast and VERY misty.  In fact when we were sitting at the little coffee shop, I asked my mum where the smoke was coming from!  "Not smoke!" she said, "it's the mist!"  Literally rolling in as though someone had lit a big fire!  Now we're going to do a little shopping and then home for a snooze!  Been up since 3.30 am!

Here's a message from Nana for all of you:

"I'm still recovering from the shock of seeing Janet.  I never thought I would see her this week-end. It's just too wonderful to have her here with me on my special day!"


Jeanette said...

Happy birthday to your mom!!

Michelle said...

It was so nice talking to your mom. Brought back good memories.