Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're fine ...

I have had some concerned messages and calls and promised to update you on the situation in Johannesburg. With reference to my blog dd 19th May, I must make it clear that we are fine. We are safe and under no threat. The violence has not spread to the suburbs, but it taking place in the townships, squatter camps and CBD where groups of people are roaming the streets and asking random people to show the Identity Books to prove they're South African. If you don't have one on you, they proceed to attack you and steel whatever you have. The attacks are aimed at foreigners from neighbouring African countries: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria and are NOT aimed at tourists, but those supposedly taking the locals work and homes. It is a very sad state of affairs, and grossly unfair on those who faught in the apartheid struggle as many of them sought refuge in these same countries and feel that this is a slap in their face.

Our president has finally opened his mouth and has said that they will deploy the defence force to assist in bringing calm back into our town. Many people feel the government are to blame due to their poor planning and lack of rules to accomodate refugees. Whatever the reasons, to quote Morgan Tsvangirai, opp leader from Zimbabwe "... no brother should hate another brother".

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