Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Very strange ...

... our weather patterns. We're not used to wet winters. Cold yes, but definitely not wet. For the past 3 days we have had rain, rain, rain. Philip tells me we had a horrific storm in the early hours of Monday morning - I never heard it, but boy, could I see the results! It has turned freezing cold. Fortunately we have not had anymore load shedding, although they have said that there is a possibililty that it might start again!

Stacey is very busy at the moment. She continues with her au pair work every second week-end, and is still busy with the cooking training. She should finish with that this week. Yesterday she went for an interview with a promotions company and is starting to do promotion work too. This company does promotion work for some rather large corporates. What better way to get her foot in the door? Once she qualilfies she should have some good contacts.

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