Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Old folks ....

... how lucky I have been that my parents have had no serious health problems although they are getting on now. My mum has not been well lately and was not happy about going to see a new Doctor in Assegai. While Stacey was visiting them, she encouraged my mum to go and see Dr Dzwig, to which she agreed. She seems to think Mum could be suffering from depression! I guess this move to Natal has been much harder on her than we all think! Anyhow, Stacey says Dr Dzwig is a fabulous doctor and was very patient and understanding. She has run a whole lot of tests and encouraged my mum to start exercising more by taking walks, and she wants to see her again in two weeks time. We were all so worried about Dad, and I guess the one who has taken the most strain has been Mum.

She wept bitterley when Stacey came home ... I think she is desparately lonely.

I really must talk to my brothers as they need to be more patient with her. She needs lots of TLC now!

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