Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun with friends ...

Philip was in Port Elizabeth this week-end, not only for his 30th school reunion, but also to spend some time with his folks! Stacey and I were home alone. We were invited to friends for dinner on Saturday night and what a lot of fun we had! Cheryl had arranged a "Potjie" competition. Now for our overseas friends who might not know what a potjie is, herewith the definition - " a rounded three-legged cast iron pot in wich food is cooked over an open fire. South African stew made from a mixture of meat and vegetables eaten outdoors!" There were four couples cooking and we were the judges!! We had a fabulous evening - Gordon made the most divine Mussel Hot Pot served with crusty whole wheat bread - this was our starter - then we had an Oxtail and red wine stew, Lamb Knuckles with vegetables and a Lamb Thai Curry - washed down with an Asara Chardonnay (and some red, which I don't enjoy so can't share the names!) and all finished off with Apple Pastries and cream. What a good thing we don't eat like this every day! Gordon won the competition for originality and taste and he was presented with a Potjie Recipe Book and a gas fitting for his potjie! Our next competition ... Curry!

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